Fatima and her 11 year old daughter were new to London when she applied for the Chef de Rang position at The Gilbert Scott in March 2013. In her first interview Fatima mentioned that she has a daughter, and from day one, the company has been extremely accommodating.

Even though she had the opportunity to progress in the restaurant she decided to remain with her role as Chef de Rang as it meant she had a good work/life balance and didn’t need to be away from her family too much.

One year later Fatima took maternity leave for her new son. She was more than happy to return afterwards. Although a year had passed and there were a lot of different faces, the company made it easy to fit back in.

Fatima now works part time on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays. The routine allows her to organise the time she has with her family. Her role as Chef de Rang involves running the station, taking orders and maintaining the service of the table until the guests have finished.

“I really enjoy working for The Gilbert Scott. It is a great place with friendly but professional management who have always been very accommodating. Throughout my years here they have let my family be my priority.“