After working in a French restaurant in Central London, Diane joined Marcus as Head Waiter in September 2015. She very quickly made a lasting impression on the team and guests with her natural ability to run the floor with both professionalism and charm, and was eventually fast-tracked to Junior Assistant Restaurant Manager. Four months later, Diane was promoted to Assistant Restaurant Manager.

Diane came to Marcus to learn the classic Michelin starred service and describes working for the restaurant as traditional, but with a contemporary flair. Marcus Wareing’s direct input at the restaurant is what makes work for Diane so “inspiring”, as she believes his “passion and belief in the team and the food is admirable.  He is always introducing new concepts and keeping things different and exciting everyday.”

One aspect of Diane’s job is to sit with Chef Patron, Mark, and compose a set of menu notes, listing every ingredient and process involved in making each dish, to present to the team daily, to ensure they are always fully informed.

Diane’s favourite part of her role is, “creating special memories for guests. If guests enjoy their experience at Marcus, then I am happy and it means it is a memory we can share together.”