Jasmine Terrace at Tredwells

After an exciting day of Christmas shopping in Seven Dials, join us on our Jasmine Terrace to warm up with our newest addition to the cocktail list — Kentish Orchard Hot Apple Punch.

The Jasmine Terrace, set up over the summer, is inspired by Willem Barentsz Gin unique floral infusion and signature botanical, exotic jasmine. This al fresco dining space is located in the heart of Covent Garden and ideal for a spot of lunch or sipping on a cocktail or two as you watch the hustle and bustle of London pass by.

Named after the Dutch 16th-century Arctic explorer, Willem Barentsz is a superior, smooth split base gin infused with jasmine flowers and transports the origins of gin to a new generation in the spirit of discovery. Distilled with a difference, the team at Tredwells have designed a second exclusive gin cocktail to be enjoyed with your meal, or as an aperitif — the enticing Ginger Jasmine cocktail.

As you snuggle up on the winter terrace, notice the Jasmine Terrace installation is complemented throughout by the distinctive brand colour inspired by the sea, ‘Willem Barentsz Marine’. As part of Willem Barentsz Gin’s mission to inspire the pioneering spirit within all of us, the Jasmine Terrace design by agency Lisa Tse Ltd features a ‘Female First’ campaign, celebrating pioneering women in history. How many can you spot?