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The British Library Food Season


With Chantelle Nicholson


The British Library Food Season is well underway! Over the next two months series of events and workshops include sensuality of food in fiction, the latest innovations in food, the evolution of kitchen design, and much more including talks and tastings. In partnership with The Gilbert Scott, the 23rd May will see Chantelle Nicholson, Chef Patron of Tredwells and Groups Operations Director of Marcus Wareing Restaurants host an evening at The British Library as part of the 2019 Food Season series, discussing all things plant-based.

A champion for plant-based cooking, last year Chantelle published her first solo cookbook ‘Planted’ showcasing a collection of recipes using delicious seasonal and flavoursome plant-based ingredients. Growing up in New Zealand with a vegetable garden influenced her passion for fresh produce and, with her career as a professional chef, she was inspired to develop tasty, restaurant-quality plant-based recipes, which feature on the menu at Tredwells — including a dedicated ‘Vegwells’ 5-course tasting menu.

Chantelle says “To me, veganism encapsulates a lifestyle choice, which excludes using animals for food, clothing or any other purpose, be it a bee or an Iberico pig. However, plant-based eating is based on a diet rich in all things that come from a plant, and not from any animal source. It does not seek to advocate anything more or less. It is rather simple in its form. But in all of this, we cannot forget we are talking about food. To me, food is so much more than nutrients I put in my body. It is a great source of enjoyment, of creativity, of fun, of friendship and of delicious tastes and flavours. This trumps all”.

For more on this incredible story join Chantelle on Thursday 23rd May at The British Library, 7pm – 8:30pm