Ableforth’s Summer Cup Fizz recipe



This summer, we’ve launched a brand new menu for our summer terrace, featuring award-winning Ableforth’s craft spirits and liqueurs.

Both Ableforth’s and Tredwells look for exceptional quality in ingredients that vary with the seasons, which combined with excellent customer service has made it a very natural partnership.

The best known Ableforth’s product is Bathtub Gin, made by cold compounding – a far more time consuming process than conventional gin distilling. The Bathtub Sloe Gin is made with mashed sloe berries that provide a much more intense flavour. This is just one example of how Ableforth’s goes the extra mile to make a superior product.

We used the Christmas Mulled Cup to create our signature Mulled Wine Bellini last December and it was a hit with our guests. As we are now in the full swing of summer, we knew the Summer Fruit Cup was a must for this season’s cocktail offering.

Summer Fruit Cup is made by macerating strawberries, cucumber, orange and mint in pure wheat spirit, before re-distilling it at room temperature in a vacuum still. A blend of fine wines, spirits, fruits herbs and spices are then added. We came up with the Summer Cup Fizz to show off the great flavours within the Summer Fruit Cup to create a refreshing seasonal drink for everyone to enjoy.

It’s also makes a great drink for a BBQ and is super easy to make. Here is a home-friendly version of the Summer Cup Fizz recipe for you to try:

500ml (1 bottle) Ableforth’s Summer Fruit Cup
750ml (1 bottle) sparkling wine
250ml lemon juice
150ml sugar syrup
20 dashes of orange bitters
Handful of mint

… And as much chopped orange, strawberries and cucumber as you like!

– Simply add all the ingredients into 2 jugs with ice.
– Add the chopped orange, strawberries, cucumber and mint.
– Lightly stir to mix and serve


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