Olive Magazine Chef Awards: Chantelle Nicholson


We are excited to announce that Chantelle Nicholson, Chef Patron of Tredwells, has been shortlisted for Olive Magazine Chef Awards 2018 in the ‘Veggie Pioneer’ category.

Plant-based dining is fast becoming a popular lifestyle choice as people become more conscious of what they are eating and where their food has been sourced from. To Chantelle, food is so much more than just nutrients to put in the body — it’s a great source of enjoyment, creativity, fun, delicious tastes and flavours.


This way of cooking is ever so apparent in the specially created Vegwells tasting menu available daily at Tredwells. Showcasing tasty seasonal ingredients, dishes include Spring mushroom mouse with caramelised shallot and pickled mushrooms and peanut butter pudding with dark chocolate sorbet.

Chantelle has dedicated her passion and profound knowledge towards publishing her first book ‘Planted‘, listed as one of Amazon’s best selling books. As an extension to showcase these ground-breaking recipes, Chantelle regularly hosts plant-based Supper Clubs to demonstrate what these show-stopping recipes are all about. For your chance to attend the next event, keep up to date with what’s on by signing up to the newsletter below.