Tredwells 2.0

After a lengthy hiatus, we are so excited to announce Tredwells’ opening date of Thursday, 6th August.

We’ve spent this time reflecting, experimenting and eating well, and now have lots of plans for how we will develop in a post-Covid world. For now, we can’t wait to be safely back in our home, and welcome you into it. 

You will notice a few immediate changes, including a slightly new look, reduced menus and a new table layout. There is one change you won’t notice, but it is just as important.

Back in 2014, Marcus and Chantelle (pictured back then, looking far too serious) opened their little patch in Covent Garden and it soon became a much-loved part of the West End’s theatre dining district.

Over time, Chantelle’s ‘baby’ did in fact become hers – she took full ownership of the business a little over two years ago. 

The timing never seemed right to shout about it, but it’s a bit ‘now or never’, so we wanted to share the news. Most importantly, we want to keep moving Tredwells and the wonderful team into the future. 

Chantelle is still part of the MW family and remains a business partner in The Gilbert Scott, but this shift has provided some autonomy and allowed her to operate in the way that fits with her ethos moving forward.

We had grand plans for a snazzy new website and a few more bells and whistles, but the last few months have meant this isn’t possible, for now. 

You can read a little more about it all here.

The changes you will notice

To begin with, we will only be open for a few days a week: Thursday and Friday dinner, then Saturday from 12pm. Our website will be kept up to date with the procedures and protocols taking place to keep the team and all of you safe. 

Our menus are also going to look a little different. Over this period of closure, our kitchen team have been focusing on fantastic sustainable British suppliers that we can collaborate with. As such, our new offering will have an even bigger focus on outstanding, locally sourced produce. Whilst there will only be one a la carte menu, there will be the option for us to create a bespoke tasting menu from this. 

Our Tredwells To Go service, which we offered way back at the beginning of lockdown will also be back with an awesome new selection of things on offer.  

There’s plenty more in the pipeline, with our intention to ramp up our sustainability efforts, work closer in the community and few other new, exciting initiatives. As always, we welcome your support and feedback – feel free to get in touch at should you have any questions, queries or suggestions. 

While some things may be changing, others will be staying the same. We are even more committed to delivering an awesome hospitality experience, with delicious food and a fantastic beverage selection. Chantelle and the team can’t wait to be back in our home – see you there?