Supplier Spotlight: Three Spirit

We’re always looking to work with suppliers and producers making waves in our industry. Non-alcoholic distillates have been shaking up the way we drink for a while now, by attempting to capture the experience of drinking spirits without any of the altering effects of alcohol. But a new non-alcoholic spirit is taking a different approach, promising to offer mood-enhancing properties through a special formulation of plants and herbs – and not a drop of booze in sight.

Three Spirit, founded by Meeta Gournay, Tatiana Mercer (of BarChick) and Dash Lilley, is designed to make you feel good. The resident expert botanical alchemists have been experimenting with a number of ingredients such as Yerba Mate, Cacao and Damiana, discovering function and flavour, and creating some weird and wonderful batches along the way. Finally satisfied, they have created Three Spirit, the world’s first naturally uplifting, zero alcohol elixir that tastes as good as it makes you feel.

T A S T I N G  N O T E S

Opaque, mahogany

Winter spice and dark chocolate, hints of coffee on the finish

Stewed fruit and caraway, subtle notes of banana and tropical fruits


We are excited to welcome Three Spirit to Tredwells to sit alongside our popular plant-based tasting menu, Vegwells. The principles of Three Spirit and the Vegwells Tasting Menu compliment each other perfectly. In the same way that drinking a non-alcoholic drink shouldn’t undermine taste, flavour and enjoyment, our approach to creating a meat-free, plant-based menu is exactly the same. So whether you’re looking to make a fresh start to the year following an indulgent Christmas or you’re simply keen to try something new, this is the perfect culinary experience to kick-off 2019.

Three Spirit is unfiltered for flavour and function, packed full of organic ingredients. You can drink it in many ways – some people love it on its own, and others prefer it in a cocktail.