Supplier Spotlight: Pasture for Life

At Tredwells, we are slowly but surely transitioning towards completely sustainable operations. As it stands, we celebrate British grains, only serve sustainable seafood and of course, hero the humble vegetable with our plant-based menus.

Our next step in the process is sourcing certified 100% grass-fed beef from local farms, and as of this week, we’re proud to say we’re doing just that! We’re working with Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, which brings together British farmers who rear their herd on pasture alone. The benefits for our environment are endless – grass farms have a lower carbon footprint than cereal-crop farms, as grassland helps to capture and store carbon, rather than releasing it. Grazing animals also return nutrients and organic matter back into the ground with their manure, ensuring healthy soil. Pasture farmers also sow legumes, such as white and red clovers, to help fertilise the ground without using chemicals, creating an environment where a huge range of biodiverse flora and fauna can thrive.

The beef we’re currently serving on our Taste of Tredwells menu comes from Horton House Farm in Pewsey Vale. Here, farmers Jonny and Rachael Rider oversee a herd of 400 cows, which graze on herbal lays. As the third generation to work this farm, they have developed a grazing system that helps build organic matter and sward diversity, ensuring the longevity of their land.

We’re serving their beautiful produce with wild garlic, Pink Fir and mushroom, as a celebration of fantastic British produce. Come and try it for yourself!