The Sustainable Spirit Co

In our quest to make Tredwells as sustainable as possible, we are now working with the team at Sustainable Spirit Co for our house gin, vodka and rum needs.

The British-based company produces artisan spirits, and delivers them in 2.8L eco-pouches, which we then decant into their silk-screen printed ‘bottles for life’. Once the pouches are empty, they are picked up, sanitised and re-filled, ready for the next delivery.

With every pouch holding the equivalent of four bottles of spirits, the reduction in packaging waste is huge! It means less glass bottles need to be produced as a first instance, making for a 97% more effective solution than recycling. Just one pouch saves 4kwH of energy when compared with recycling a bottle – enough to power a flat-screen TV for five days.

There are other benefits too – 15% of profits from their Toti rum range go directly to marine conservation charities, protecting turtles and the seas they swim in.

You can try the Element 29 vodka, Boxer gin and Toti white rum in our Farmer’s Friend cocktail and on our new drinks list.