Wine Spotlight: Two Paddocks

We pride ourselves on sourcing a diverse range of wines for our ever-growing list, mixing Old and New World varieties to present a balanced and interesting selection for our guests. 

As our beverage manager, Callum is in charge of all things vino. This month, he’s loving the pinot noir from New Zealand winery, Two Paddocks.

The Otago winery is located in New Zealand’s most southerly wine region and owned by Australian actor, Sam Neill (Jurassic Park anyone?). It also happens to be right next to Chef Chantelle’s family orchard, where she spent a large part of her youth. 

The winery is part of a larger farm, where the team also grow saffron and lavender, tend to orchards and rear animals named after actors – Michael Fassbender the rooster, Kate Winslet the goat, Helena Bonham Carter the cow, the list goes on. They are more than decorative though – these animals contribute to the running of the vineyard, with the pigs consuming leftover grapes and providing manure, and the sheep acting as natural lawnmowers. 

With four organically grown vineyards, Two Paddocks has a focus on pinot noir and riesling, producing organic and sustainable wines that celebrate the unique characteristics of the region. 

At Tredwells, we stock the 2016 Pinot Noir, the winery’s flagship. Made from estate-grown grapes that are harvested by hand, the wine features an aroma of dried herbs and dark spices and is incredibly balanced, making for an approachable and very drinkable option. It’s also the perfect pair to our Lake District venison haunch, freekeh, carrots and pickled walnuts – a fantastic combination for the winter months. 

Check out our full wine list here, or pop by for a tipple or two at our bar.