Meet the Team | Andrea

As our Senior Chef de Partie, Andrea is an integral part of the Marcus kitchen. While we await re-opening, we sat down to find out a little more about his career and his favourite parts of the job.

1. Can you give me an overview of your journey in hospitality so far? How did you end up as Senior CDP at Marcus?

I attended culinary school in Italy, while also working in a restaurant, and got my diploma in 2014. After a short time in Malta, I came to London in December 2015.  My first job was at a restaurant called Casa Cruz, then I worked at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon for a year. I started at Marcus in October 2017 as a commis chef. I’ve had the opportunity to work around all the sections in the kitchen and have worked my way up to Senior Chef de Partie. My goal is to always improve myself and keep working in a Michelin-star environment.

Chef Andrea on pass at Marcus Belgravia in Knightsbridge

2. What does your job involve? What does a normal shift include?

I have the most experience in the main course section, cooking meat and fish. In January, I started training with chef Mark to work on the pass – he and the sous chefs are teaching me how to check that everything is up to our high standards and how to run a smooth service in the kitchen.

On a normal day, I start my shift with meat and fish prep, or help anyone that needs it. During service, I work with whoever is on the pass. I also make sure that the daily kitchen cleaning is up to schedule and provide help around the kitchen. We are also always working on new ideas and trying new dishes!

3. What are the worst and best parts of your job? 

The worst aspect of the job is the general fatigue coming from long days in the kitchen. It’s also mentally draining – you always have to be focused and have a lot to think about and look after, especially in a senior position.

The best is definitely having the opportunity to work with amazing ingredients and being able to get creative with them and  trying something new. It’s also knowing that we deliver a special experience to our customers.

4. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt while working as a chef?

The biggest lesson is always to be humble, and to remember that you can always learn something new from everyone you work with. Working hard everyday is how you reach your goals!

5. What’s your favourite part of working in the hospitality industry in general?

Being able to meet so many people and to learn from them, to travel and discover new places and cultures, and to keep learning, growing and improving my self every day.

Chefs at Marcus Belgravia in Knightsbridge

6. What’s your fave dish on the Marcus menu (past or present) to cook or eat?

There are so many dishes that I have loved so far, so it’s very difficult to choose! I’d say, if I really have to choose, a short-rib dish slow-cooked for 72 hours, served with tempura oysters, would be my favourite one to eat. I don’t think I have a favourite dish to cook, everything makes me happy: meat, fish, even a starter!

7. What advice would you give to those who are interested in becoming a chef?

Make sure you’re aware that you’ll be working on weekends and public holidays and long days in the kitchen mean you lose most of your free time. You definitely need to be truly passionate about this job – it requires a huge amount of effort! If you are not passionate enough, all the sacrifices you make could just become meaningless.


1. What’s the first restaurant you’ll be visiting when lockdown is over? 

Muse, by Tom Aikens

2. What is the first non-restaurant activity you’ll be doing once lockdown is lifted?

Attend a football match at the stadium.

3. What have you been cooking in iso?

I have been trying to find new challenges and focus on things I’m not familiar with, such as baking, making bread and dessert and trying different cuisines.

4. Have you discovered any books, shows, podcasts, that you’d suggest to others?

I’ve bought a few cookbooks…

The Whole Fish Cookbook, by Josh Niland

Bouchon, by Thomas Keller

Sola, by Chihiro Masui

Chef dressing plates at Marcus Belgravia in Knightsbridge