08 February 2022

Marcus Wareing's Tales From A Kitchen Garden

Join Marcus Wareing as he dives into the world of farming and growing in his new TV show, Tales from a Kitchen Garden, on BBC Two.

Over 10 episodes, he travels across the country, meeting the brilliant farmers, gardeners and growers that produce some of the UK’s finest ingredients. Along the way, Marcus picks up tips and tricks to take back into his own kitchen garden in East Sussex.

Despite a long career as a Michelin-starred chef, Marcus was a beginner when it came to growing his own produce and rearing livestock. Only too happy to get his hands dirty, he’s starting from scratch and taking viewers along for the ride!

Wide shot of Marcus Wareing and gardener Anatoliy in an apple orchard on his small holding in East Sussex
Marcus Wareing shearing a sheep with the help of a farmer on Tales From a Kitchen Garden

From North Yorkshire to Shropshire, Devon to Hampshire, Marcus meets pig, sheep, duck, cow and chicken farmers, as well as apple and herb growers and the all-important compost experts. He takes their advice and guidance on the best way to grow food and production methods, implementing their top tips at his own property. He also welcomes some new animal friends, putting what he has learnt about farming into practice.

Each episode sees Marcus use his own produce or that of his new farming friends to cook a delicious dish. From summer salads and a beef rib eye to a classic tarte tatin and Eton mess, he shows viewers how to get the very best out of seasonal and locally grown ingredients.