29 June 2021

A New Marcus Wareing Cookbook: Marcus' Kitchen

We’re delighted to announce Marcus has written a new cookbook!

Marcus’ Kitchen celebrates the food that he loves to create and share at home with family and friends, using ingredients from his kitchen garden. From weeknight suppers to weekend wonders, there’s a recipe for every occasion.

Written and created over lockdown, the new cookbook was the perfect passion project for Marcus and his wife Jane, inspiring them to get creative with the contents of their home kitchen and garden. With 120 recipes covering everything from using up leftovers and staples to creating showstopping feasts, it’s the perfect way to supercharge your cooking repertoire.

Jane Wareing and Jessie Wareing at a dining table with a casserole dish in front
Marcus' Kitchen cookbook open to Sausage and Chorizo Casserole recipe
Venison bao buns recipe from Marcus' Kitchen by Marcus Wareing

With Marcus’ tips, tricks and techniques, you’ll soon be whipping up dishes like rosemary and malt-glazed lamb belly; nduja and feta ravioli; peach, radicchio and smoked almond salad and St Clement’s treacle tart.

Best of all, Marcus’ Kitchen follows the ebb and flow of the new working week, with suggestions for working-from-home lunches, meals that are worth the wait and how to get the very best out of your pantry.