19 December 2023

Marcus Belgravia is closing

The time has come to close the doors at Marcus Belgravia for the final time, after service on 26th December 2023.

It wasn’t an easy decision; this wonderful place has been my way of life for a
very long time, but it feels like the right time to say goodbye and look ahead to
future opportunities. We have exciting projects in the pipeline for 2024 that will
take Marcus Wareing Restaurants in a new direction.

Moving forward, I remain focused on nurturing the next generation of talent in this fabulous industry and remain committed to my TV career and brand partners.

Of course, I cannot announce the closure without a few words of thanks…

Maybourne Hotel Group who welcomed me 20 years ago and entrusted me
with a corner of The Berkeley. The team, old and new, have been my steadfast friends throughout and I wish them all the best.

All the individuals who have come through the doors to work with me in the front of house and the kitchen. After 20 years, I feel as though we have been a
training ground for some of the very best. I watch with pride as you forge a path
in this exciting yet challenging industry.

My current team, led by Craig, Ednor and Lise -- you continue to exceed my
expectations and always maintain the highest standards for which we have
become known. I look forward to seeing you develop even further as we take
this next step together.

And the biggest thank you of all goes to you, our friends who have supported
me time and time again. We wouldn’t have a restaurant without you.

We have a few months of operation left so please do come and see us before
we go. We'd love to raise one more glass!

– Marcus Wareing

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