24 August 2023

Suppliers at Marcus Belgravia

Wiltshire Truffles

Wiltshire Truffles is one of the UK’s leading truffle suppliers, based in Wiltshire, England. Owner Zac Frost discovered a passion for truffles in Italy over 20 years ago, before returning home to Wiltshire to discover a very special farm where they grew naturally! He started out hunting them for fun on the weekends, but this soon escalated to supplying some of the UK’s best restaurants. In order to keep up with demand, he formed partnerships with truffle hunters all around the world, ensuring a year-round supply. We have worked with Zac for many years, featuring both his local and international truffles on our menus. The secret behind his success? A commitment to quality, sustainability and the noses of his hunting dogs, Stanley and Freddie.

WHY WE USE THEM: No-one does it better.

Two hands cupping a large truffle

Lake District Farmers

Lake District Farmers is a farming organisation in the scenic Lake District region. The late Ray Armstrong founded the business in 2009 to help create a quality-driven and sustainable supply chain for family-run fell farms in The Lake District. They specifically work with farmers that respect, nourish and care for their animals in every part of the journey, resulting in a better end product. The company is now run by co-founder Dan Austin who spent much of his childhood on his grandfather’s farm on the south-west corner of the Lakeland fells. Growing up with livestock allowed him to develop a deep understanding of how Cumbrian fell farms operate, with their animals wandering freely in the fields and on the hills. These days, Dan and his team work with over 50 Cumbrian farms and supply some of the UK’s best restaurants with beef, lamb and much more.

WHY WE USE THEM: They produce some of the best quality, breed-specific meat available, prioritise sustainable farming practices and support the local economy.

Flying Fish Seafoods

Flying Fish
has been supplying the best seafood in the British Isles to the UK’s best chefs since 2006. Based in Cornwall, they specialise in sourcing and distributing a wide variety of fresh, high-quality fish such as halibut, john dory, cod, skate and mackerel which are featured in some of our dishes. They follow a ‘ship to plate’ mentality, with buyers up before sunrise everyday to select the best fish from the local Day Boats. This then makes their way straight to our kitchen to be used that day. Importantly, the Flying Fish team is dedicated to prioritising the preservation of marine ecosystems around the UK and supporting responsible fishing methods in order to reduce our impact.

WHY WE WORK WITH THEM: They supply fresh, responsibly sourced fish, straight from the waters of Cornwall. What’s not to love?

Scallop shells on a bed of ice
Raw scallop dish from Marcus Belgravia
Shucked scallops on a grey metal tray

Keltic Seafare

Keltic Seafare, established in 1992, is one of the leading shellfish suppliers in the UK. They specialise in sourcing the very best live shellfish, such as hand-dived scallops, live langoustines and live lobsters, from crystal clear ‘Class A’ waters off the north-west coast of Scotland.

WHY WE WORK WITH THEM: Their scallops are hard to beat, plain and simple. Their team carefully selects and hand-packs each order as it comes in, ensuring live produce journeys from seabed to table within 24 – 36 hours, promising to provide us with the best product.

The Wild Room

The Wild Room specialises in wild mushrooms, fresh truffles and foraged produce. The team responsibly forages mushrooms from forests around the world, following the seasons to ensure that they don’t affect the natural environment. They source the likes of parasol mushrooms, girolle, lobster mushrooms, hen of the woods, pied de mouton and many more.

WHY WE WORK WITH THEM: They’re our one-stop shop for all things funky fungi.

Apples, radish and rhubarb on a metal tray at Marcus Belgravia
Asparagus on a tray at Marcus Belgravia restaurant
Green salad leaves in a transparent bucket on a kitchen bench at Marcus Belgravia

Le Marche

Le Marche has been serving the good people of London since the 1770s, when Hertfordshire farmer Joseph Harrison rode his horse and cart to London to sell his produce. Demand grew and he started trading in the old Covent Garden Market. Fast forward to 2017, and what was once known as John Connell rebranded to become Le Marché Limited, an exclusive club serving only the top 100 finest dining establishments in London. They are the only distributor at New Covent Garden Market to operate their own warehouse in Rungis International Market, the wholesale market outside Paris. Using their network of expert buyers, Le Marché supplies the highest quality seasonal fruit, vegetables and other specialist ingredients from the UK, Europe and from across the world.

WHY WE WORK WITH THEM: They prioritise sourcing from local farms and growers, ensuring the freshest seasonal vegetables. We also love working with the Managing Director, Marcus Rowlerson!